Internet, Meet Jayson

I'm a visual artist who specializes in live video mixing and lighting operation. Always enamored with the intricacies of stage design and the tight integration of all the visual elements to turn a show into a memorable experience, anything that puts out light is interesting to me and worth exploring.

I have easily over 1,000 hours of operation in Resolume Arena, my VJ software of choice, since beginning in the music industry in 2015. Whether the task is to projection-map a barn, outline graffiti, project on live models for a photoshoot, or integrate a pixel map from a festival LED screen setup, I can push pixels onto just about anything. Both live busking and timecoded sets are my bread and butter.

When it comes to lighting, I'm familiar with programming and operating GrandMA2, Chamsys MagicQ, and Obsidian Onyx. I have the most experience with MA2 and it's my preferred console manufacturer.

Do not ask me to run audio. I do not run audio.

Clients that trust my work:
G Jones, Deathpact, Troyboi, Insomniac Events, Promosa, Bending Lite Productions, Christian Jackson, Looptid Visuals / Jeremy Jones, SlickLasers, Beam Me Up Lasers, White Rabbit Group, Q Nightclub, The Crocodile (Seattle), EXP Events, Itertainment LLC, WAVES Presents